Lesson 9 Not a Christian, but Christ-Follower.

Not a Christian, but Christ-Follower.

Anyone can understand the desire for an alternative to the word "Christian." There are plenty of "Christians" I'd rather not be associated with.
To follow Jesus without calling oneself a "Christian."

Non-Christian Christ-followers even seem to have some scripture on their side. The first name of the Jesus movement in the book of Acts is "followers of the Way." There are plenty of other fully-biblical alternatives: disciples, apostles, friends of God. Apparently the movement has legs: more than 900 Facebook groups call themselves some variant of "follower of Jesus."
God loves truthful speech and truth-tellers.

As followers of Jesus Christ, the Truth incarnate, We are called to put away the old self with its practices, which includes lying." God loves truthful speech and truth-tellers. Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, but those who deal faithfully are His delight (Prov. 12:22).
More power to the people looking for alternative biblical descriptions of Christians. We can all use those—they awaken our imagination to fresh evocations of our faith. But the choice of one such term need not—can not—excise another.

Those who disagree are still members of this family. They can't disown me anymore than I can them. Weekly we have family reunions in buildings, big and small, all over the world. And I sure hope they'll join the rest of us at one of them from time to time. The rest of us aren't complete without them.

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