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       Thin Places

  1. If you want to engage in fascinating dialogue about religion and spirituality, this is one place where you can participate for inspiration, insight, and support. The emphasis is on spirituality and faith, and Pathoes fills this need.
  2. Aristotle’s Feminist Subject

    Aristotle’s Feminist Subject is a blog that broadly discusses religious and ancient Greek teachings about women, and frequently touches on Christianity and the Bible. The blogger has primarily refocused her efforts to another blog, but the backlog here is well worth a look.
  3. Everyday Christian

    This online publication reaches out to readers with topics on everyday living, such as family, health, money, career, and opinion through various blogs. This is one site where Christians can find news that can touch lives as well.
  4. Bill in the Blank

    Bill Blankschaen ‘s sole purpose with this blog is to inspire Christians with abundant faith through his writing. His experiences as a pastor, nonprofit leader, and scholar help him provide the resources that readers might need to live and think like leaders.
  5. Christian Cafe Blog

    Christian singles can revel in this site, which provides opinion, advice, and Biblical resources for people who are seeking companionship. Readers also can find friendship, entertainment, and news on this blog as well as a supportive community.
  6. Christian History for Everyman

    If you want to learn about Christian history, this site provides a vast resource. Learn through video, podcast, and writings about ancient doctrines, early Christianity, and teachings. Sign up for the newsletter so you don’t miss out on new postings.
  7. Andre Gagne, PhD

    Scholars of New Testament Exegesis, Gnosticism, and the Nag Hammadi Library can find a comfortable place at this site. Learn through various tools such as writings, video, and galleries as well as events.
  8. Stray Thoughts

    This “50-something stay at home mom” provides great writing on her stray thoughts on her life and learning as a born-again Christian. Feel free to engage with Barbara on her thoughts at this blog.
  9. The Dubious Disciple

    The Dubious Disciple alternately discusses scripture through the lens of a liberal, and sometimes skeptical, believer, and reviewing books with Christian ties. This blog is a great place for book recommendations or to explore a new point of view.
  10. Mormon Think

    Mormon think promotes scholarly debate of the historical representation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and discussions of how Mormons are portrayed in the media.
  11. girltalkhome

    A mom and her three daughters share their “Biblical womanhood” and other fun stuff on this blog. Meet Mom (Carolyn), Nicole, Kristin, and Janelle as they toss around thoughts like feta cheese on salads (or is it the other way around?).
  12. The Christian Woman

    This online publication is geared specifically to the Christian woman, with resources such as articles, devotions, and tools that can help any woman lead a spiritual and faith-filled life. Feel free to engage with the blog writers, too, who offer engaging topics for conversation.
  13. Black, White, and Gray

    Black, White, and Gray is a blog that is filled with thoughts from various authors who are sociologists as well as Christians. They share their perspectives and research on Christian faith and practice with readers on a regular basis.
  14. Political Christian

    Larry Miller once served as the Chairman of the Chesterfield County Republican Committee in Virginia, and he brings his perspective about the juxtaposition of politics and religion to this blog. His goal is to help others realize a way to help others through faith and prayer.
  15. Christian Quote of the Day

    This site extends the “Christian Quote of the Day” website by providing a format where the quote is discussed by the author, Robert McAnally Adams, and his readers. Feel free to provide your insights, or just enjoy the daily quotes and Robert’s thoughts.
  16. Gentle Wisdom

    Peter Kirk combines his education in science with a degree in theology to provide some interesting insights on the Christian life. Enjoy a wide variety of topics treated in a very thoughtful manner.
  17. Christian at Heart

    This is a pleasant resource for any Christian filled with quotes about a wide range of topics. All quotes are handpicked to inspire and comfort readers, from Bible quotes to quotes about business, education, and faith.
  18. Bible Design Blog

    If you’re into publication eye candy and book binding – specifically the Bible – you’ll get your fill at this blog. Learn about various bindings, coverings, and editions from a writer who is drawn to quality production and design.
  19. One Year Bible Blog

    If you need an online daily Bible study reading plan, go to this site to get one. You’ll also find daily scriptures, commentary, encouragement, and thoughts for reflection at this blog.
  20. Scotteriology

    This Bible study graduate student is defending his thesis, and enjoying life in the process. He shares some rants and writings and enjoys the feedback – so join in on the often entertaining and refreshing conversation and share your thoughts.
  21. The Musings of Thomas Verenna

    An undergraduate student at Rutgers who is double-majoring in Greek and Latin and Ancient History and Classics, brings his perspective to this blog. Look for great historical posts and a lot of “Zeitgeist” debunking.
  22. XKV8R

    Dr. Robert Cargill is the assistant professor of classics and religious studies at the University of Iowa. His research is based upon Biblical studies and the sciences, and his posts are very thought provoking.
  23. Reading Acts

    This blog’s author has progressed beyond the Book of Acts and Pauline theology to include book reviews, commentary, and other books from the Bible to expand on the original premise. Enjoy the posts that often are used as teaching materials and food for further discussions.
  24. Remnant of Giants

    ”Gigantology” is all about “giants” of the Bible, including Goliath, King Og, and the Anakim. Enjoy the cultural as well as spiritual aspect of including giants in the Bible – and you can help speculate why they exist and how they might contribute to today’s faith.
  25. Changing the Face of Christianity

    This site is maintained by a nonprofit organization that seeks to change the negative Christian stereotypes in the world by applying positive resources. The hope is to use education and support to help Christians better understand how some words and actions create that negative image.
  26. Renovare

    If you seek to become more like Jesus, use this site to learn how to accomplish that goal. Renovare is a nonprofit organization that encourages intentional living through Christian discipleship.
  27. Daniel O. McClellan

    This student of the ancient Near East shares his studies, research, and thoughts on this blog. Some of the fascinating scholarly writing focuses on Second Temple Judaism, early Israelite religion, and textual criticism of the Hebrew Bible.
  28. Tentmaker

    Gary and Michelle Amirault and friends espouse a positive message from the Bible in an effort to debunk negative messages and bad publicity coming from earlier Christian teachings. The goal is to harmonize all scriptures with God’s attributes as a loving, omnipotent, and omniscient power.
  29. Zwinglius Redivivus

    Dr. Jim West has one foot in the church and the other foot in a college. This position provides him with an interesting perspective on his leadership and for others who want to learn more about the contents and meaning contained in Biblical scripture.
  30. Biblical Blogging

    This site seeks to share Biblical lessons and perspectives through commentary, sermons, lectures, and radio. Videos also are used to impart knowledge about the site and to engage new users.
  31. Disabled Christianity

    The disabled often aren’t addressed in Christian sites, so this blog helps fill that void. Readers can enjoy discuss of issues that combine Christianity and theology with disability ministry, thanks to Jeff McNair, a special education teacher who has been involved for over three decades with ministry to adults with intellectual disabilities.
  32. Mere Orthodoxy

    Young Christians bring a different perspective on religion and spirituality to the table and this blog provides one format for that discussion. The discussion is rooted in scripture, but the topics may surprise you – these writers are taking on the world.
  33. Glocal Christianity

    Matt Stone takes on the world religions, but from a spiritual rather than a religious perspective. Designed for open minds that seek to spread the word through alternative venues, Matt welcomes discussion and comments.
  34. Hacking Christianity

    Take a nerd and the gospel and put them together – what you end up with is an attempt to break down barriers so other nerds might understand how Christianity can relate to their lives. The goal is to build a network to tweak the message so that it pertains to today’s culture.
  35. The Voice of the Martyrs’ Persecution Blog

    The Voice of the Martyrs is a nonprofit organization that assists the worldwide persecuted church. Founded by a pastor who was imprisoned for his faith, this blog helps to spread the word about this important mission.
  36. Full Time Christianity

    A self-professed “part-time” Christian decides to go “fulltime” in his living based upon Biblical lessons. His vision now is to establish a global community of believers who want to redefine the experience of being a Christian and witnessing that change to others.
  37. Miscellanies on the Gospel

    This site is filled with eye candy that leads to writings that reflect a passionate follower of Christ. His personal mission is to know God, obey Jesus, make disciples, and plant churches – if this message resonates with you, then check out his blog.
  38. Internet Monk

    Mike is a chaplain who works with a hospice organization. He also is an ordinary guy who loves Chicago, baseball, James Taylor, and Apple computers…but, he also wants to leave a legacy of writing about a Jesus-shaped life that may inspire others to follow.
  39. The Forbidden Gospels

    April DeConick, a professor of Biblical studies at the University of Michigan, provides insights into Christianity and the “Jesus tradition” through literature and memory. Her posts, which are thoughtful and insightful, can challenge some traditional thought and provide insights that can inspire.
  40. NT Blog

    Mark Goodacre is associate professor of the New Testament at Duke University. His blog hones in on the New Testament and Christian origins, providing readers with historical and theoretical insights.
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Additional Resources

  1. Christian Song Writers

    Christian Song Writers is a place where Christian musicians and song writers can find the best resources available in order to improve their song writing abilities. It offers multiple sites and other feedback that can help anyone looking to enhance their craft.

  2. BiblesNet is a site that offers over 100 Christian Topics which will help you to Know God better, Love Jesus Christ more, and Glorify Him in practical ways. One category the site offers is Bible Studies which highlights multiple aspects of the bible.

  3. Christian Blog Devotionals

    Christian Blog Devotionals was created by Debra Torres, who blogs about “real” Christian experiences and with the intent of giving people hope and to understand god is here to help us all. She has many interested posts including a post she made about her experience at the polls while voting on Nov 6th entitled: Heal Our Land: A Christian Devotion

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